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June 4, 2020 · · Magazine Previews

Goat Journal July/August 2020 arrives in-home on June 25th, but Backyard Goats members can read it NOW! Subscribe for stories on how some of our goats came to America from Africa, a comparison of which LGD is right for you, crossing state lines with goats, PLUS the dilemma of euthanasia.

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Goat Journal Special Issue 2020 Goat Health from Head to Hoof
March 4, 2020 · · Magazine Previews

The Goat Journal Special Issue 2020 – Goat Health, from Head to Hoof – will be available for subscribers ONLY, in-home March 15th. But Backyard Goats members can read it NOW!

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The Best Goat Gestation Calculator
January 15, 2020 · · Ownership

What is the goat gestation period? Did you know that Boer goat gestation period differs from Nigerian dwarf gestation? To use this goat due date calculator, select from miniature or full-sized goats then enter the exposure date.

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Your Goat’s DNA Could Be the Clincher for Your Goat Pedigree

Some goat registries request DNA samples to verify parentage. How can a DNA Purity test help in a registration certificate and pedigree?

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The Dilemma of Euthanasia
June 4, 2020 · · Health

Most of us would rather not think it, but all life ends in death. When death does not come easily or naturally, and a goat suffers, we can better care for them in their time of greatest need if we are prepared.

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Uncovering African Goat Origins in America’s Favorite Breeds
June 4, 2020 · · Goat Breeds

How did the African goat become the roots of many common goat breeds in America? There are African origins in Spanish, Myotonic, SCI, Nubian, Pygmy, Nigerian Dwarf, Boer, and Savanna goats. Join us in the story of their migration to find out.

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Katherine’s Caprine Corner July/August 2020

Katherine Drovdahl MH CA CR CEIT DipHIr QTP answers reader questions about goat allergies, weaning kids, and preparing bucks for breeding season.

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Back from the Vet: Rumen Disorders in Goats

The rumen is food’s first stop after being chewed and swallowed. It is populated with a large variety of microorganisms that assist in food digestion. The health of the rumen, and its microbes, are essential for the health of the animal.

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An Easy Guide to Cheese Aging Equipment
June 3, 2020 · · Home Dairy

Once you’ve mastered making soft and fresh cheeses, you may want to progress to pressed and aged cheeses. What kind of cheese aging equipment will you need?

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Humane Euthanasia via Gunshot or Captive Bolt

Developing a euthanasia plan with your veterinarian ensures animal welfare in the worst situations. While some goat owners prefer other euthanasia methods, this sheet focuses strictly on the gunshot and captive bolt methods. Check your local laws to ensure all parts of this tutorial are legal within your area and decide if this is the best plan for your farm.

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Crossing State Lines with Goats

Each state has different requirements if you wish to enter with your goats. Check this list, and verify that no requirements have changed, before you begin your journey.

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Recipes to Use Up Milk
June 2, 2020 · · Home Dairy

Looking for some new recipes to use up milk? Here is a list of some of the things you can do with milk, along with a few recipes with lots of milk.

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