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Goat Journal September/October 2021
July 29, 2021 · · Magazine Previews

Goat Journal September/October 2021 is in homes August 19th, but digital and All-Access members can read it NOW! Subscribe to Goat Journal for great stories on estrus synchronization for artificial insemination, what serology tests actually determine, a breed profile of the Girgentana goat, PLUS Can you house train a goat?

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Kat’s Caprine Corner: Runny Goat Nose and Leaking Does

Kat Drovdahl answers your questions about runny goat noses, kids with diarrhea, leaking does, milk production drops and whether you should let your goat eat frozen clover.

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Alpine Goat Breed Spotlight
September 23, 2021 · · Goat Breeds

The Alpine goat is also referred to as the French Alpine and registration papers for this dairy goat use both designations and they are synonymous. The Alpine goat is a medium- to large-size animal, alertly graceful, and the only breed with upright ears that offers all colors and combinations of colors giving them distinction and individuality.

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The Basics of Caring for Goats
September 23, 2021 · · Health

When building a herd health program from the ground up, beginning with the basics of caring for goats is best. One needs to consider the basics of the environment for the herd, their nutrition program, hoof care, and fiber care.

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Goats and Contracts
September 21, 2021 · · Ownership

We’ve bought goats with contracts, and we’ve bought goats without. Of all of the goats we’ve sold, we’ve done well with just a basic bill of sale with a few terms … except for the times we didn’t.

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Can You House Train a Goat?
September 21, 2021 · · Ownership

As any toddler parent knows, overcoming the instinct to evacuate (urinate/defecate) is a significant milestone of growing up. We can use this same training on dogs.

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Icelandic Goat: Conservation Through Farming
September 18, 2021 · · Goat Breeds

Add to Favorites A passionate young woman and her family battle against cultural and legal obstacles to save a unique and endearing rare goat breed, the Icelandic goat. Her animals …

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DIY Hoop House Field Shelter Structure Plan
September 18, 2021 · · Feed & Housing

A hoop house field shelter is ideal for those who utilize their herd to clear brush and land at a location away from the main barn.

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How to Deal with an Aggressive Goat
September 18, 2021 · · Ownership

You may receive varied advice for how to deal with an aggressive goat, but there are definitely techniques you should and should not use, and these coincide with how goats see us as herd members.

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Feeding Pine to Goats
September 16, 2021 · · Goat Notes

Reproduction and deworming effects of feeding pine to goats.

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Conceiving Bucklings vs. Doelings
September 13, 2021 · · Health

Have you ever wondered why some years, some sires — or even some dams — produce more of one gender than others? Can certain management practices favor one over the other — or is it random? Is one more desirable than the other in the goat world?

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