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Tamsin Cooper France –
“I really enjoy the new format with such a variety of different goat experiences and great advice.”
Stacy Bryar Bousquet United States
“They have a lot of information that comes from veterinarians.”
Lacey Hughett Hughett Heritage Farms

“Great magazine! Both experienced and beginner goat owners will find value in reading it.”

Sharon Vazquez Milan, Missouri

“They have very informative articles. I loved the feature they did regarding the savanna goat breed.”

Christine Baize United States
“This is a great magazine that does not cater to just one breed. There are very informative articles on many facets of raising goats.”
Dani Stearns Diamond Savanna Ranch
“Goat Journal helps everyone stay educated about the goat industry, it is a great read for a beginner to a seasoned breeder!

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Dear Goat Lover,

In 2017, we made an important, positive change. We transformed Dairy Goat Journal to an exciting new magazine and launched an online experience that welcomes ALL goat lovers from every corner of the globe. Today, we proudly publish Goat Journal in a print and digital format and engage with goat enthusiasts online here at Backyard Goats. Whether you keep goats for dairy, meat, agritourism, or simply for pleasure, you are in the right place.

If you’ve been on this journey with us, you’ve likely reached out for actionable, fact-based guidance on goat ailments and afflictions. You’ve thumbed through our pages to learn about popular breeds and fun ways people are discovering and re-discovering their love of goats. And perhaps you’ve made lifelong friends along the way! Goat people are the best, after all.

And now, we want to take our relationship to the next level. Please consider becoming a member of Backyard Goats, home to Goat Journal. As a member, you’ll enjoy all the perks of being a full-fledged print and digital magazine subscriber, PLUS you’ll gain access to a live interactive chat and Ask the Expert archives for your specific goat challenges. You’ll also get Goat Notes teaching aids to make learning about goats easier and faster than ever. We are even throwing in members-only discounts on helpful goat supplies and free shipping from our shop anywhere in the US. It’s our way of helping you be the best goat owner you can be!

Your support gives us the opportunity to educate and inspire the next generation of goat lovers. 

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