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Ann Accetta-Scott homesteads on two acres in Washington State, raising poultry, goats, and rabbits. She is an educator and encourager of all who are seeking to live a more sustainable lifestyle. An is also the face behind the website A Farm Girl in the Making and author of The Farm Girl’sGuide to Preserving the Harvest. Website: afarmgirlinthemaking.com Instagram: instagram.com/afarmgirlinthemaking/ YouTube: youtube.com/afarmgirlinthemaking/ Facebook: facebook.com/afarmgirlinthemaking/
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Scours in Goats and a Homemade Electrolyte Recipe
May 8, 2020 · · Health

It is imperative that you keep goats hydrated during times of illness. Scours in goats is often an indication of underlying illness or that they have eaten something they should not have.

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