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Life of the Party
February 10, 2020 · · Ownership

Bowen started offering birthday parties in 2014. The one-hour events include story time, craft activities and, of course, lots of time to interact with the goats.

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Goat Identification Has Favorable Perks
February 10, 2020 · · Ownership

To give the thieves something to think about, the goats should each have an identifiable number corresponding to a microchip, tag, or tattoo. This makes it more difficult for thieves to get away with stealing your animals.

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A Stormy Night
February 10, 2020 · · Health

Ringwomb is when the cervix refuses to soften and open during labor, leaving a hard ring of tissue that the kids can’t pass through. The outcome is rarely good for the doe or the kids.

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Fraga Farmstead and Creamery
February 10, 2020 · · Home Dairy

A half-hour west of Portland, Oregon, on 33.5 acres that have been farmed since the 1920s, Fraga Farmstead and Creamery was the first goat dairy to be certified through Oregon Tilth; a legacy that the creamery takes seriously.

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Goat Fetal Development
February 6, 2020 · · Goat Notes

A normal live birth in goats occurs at 145-155 days. Day 147 is 21 weeks’ gestation, or approximately five months. Lemgth of fetus at 30 days: 1.4 cm; Length of fetus at 145 days: 43.0 cm.

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LaMancha Goat Spotlight From Goat Journal

The LaMancha is a type of dairy goat noted for its apparent lack of or much reduced external ears. The LaMancha goat is medium in size and is also noted for a generally calm, quiet, and gentle temperament.

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How to Deal with an Aggressive Goat
January 24, 2020 · · Ownership

You may receive varied advice for how to deal with an aggressive goat, but there are definitely techniques you should and should not use, and these coincide with how goats see us as herd members.

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All About Goat Wattles
January 19, 2020 · · Ownership

By general consensus of those who have attempted to define them, goat wattles are simply hair-covered appendages of flesh hanging from the throat area. hanging from the throat area. There are goat breeders themselves who have interesting theories on how, why, and what goat wattles are for.

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The Best Goat Gestation Calculator
January 15, 2020 · · Ownership

What is the goat gestation period? Did you know that Boer goat gestation period differs from Nigerian dwarf gestation? To use this goat due date calculator, select from miniature or full-sized goats then enter the exposure date.

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The Goat Barn: Basic Kidding
January 5, 2020 · · Health

While goat owners who have never had a goat give birth may be worried about getting them through the process safely, the reality is that with proper nutrition and care, the process usually goes smoothly — as nature intended.

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