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Build Your Own Small-Scale Goat Milking Machine

If you’re raising goats for milk, it pays to build your own goat milking machine.

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What to Do About Mastitis and Uneven Udders
October 7, 2021 · · Health

Sometimes mastitis just happens. Even though the barn lot is kept dry and the bedding clean, the prewash and post-milking spray used effectively, sometimes an individual will exhibit signs of mastitis.

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The Udderly EZ Goat Milking Machine Makes Life Easier

So what do you do if your arms hurt too much to milk your goats? And how can a goat milking machine help?

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How to Deal with an Aggressive Goat
September 18, 2021 · · Ownership

You may receive varied advice for how to deal with an aggressive goat, but there are definitely techniques you should and should not use, and these coincide with how goats see us as herd members.

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Finding Success in a Straw
September 3, 2021 · · Health

Perhaps the most obvious reason for A.I. is to eliminate keeping a live buck on the premises. Even if you’re only breeding a few each year, A.I. can easily be the cheaper, more time-efficient option. Another big bonus is the opportunity to utilize the genetics of very elite bucks, particularly those in herds you would otherwise be unable to access.

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Why Goat Milk Benefits Matter

Worldwide distribution and goat milk benefits was discussed, leading to the justifiable assumption that more people drink goat milk or eat their products than any other milk after weaning from human nursing.

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6 Things to Love About Kinder Goats

Kinder goats are a relatively new, uncommon goat, but this American breed is becoming increasingly popular, especially among homesteaders and small farmers. What makes Kinders so great? In short, these goats are incredibly versatile and productive!

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Aliza Eliazarov’s On the Farm: Heritage & Heralded Animal Breeds in Portraits & Stories

To admire the beauty of farm animals and inspire your imagination, check out the stunning book On the Farm. The collection of quality portraits by renowned photographer Aliza Eliazarov is filled with 256 pages of cleverly designed images showcasing farm animals we all love and want to nurture.

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Goat Types: Dairy Goats vs. Meat Goats

Have you ever wondered which of the goat types would be best for you? A dairy goat or a meat goat?

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Listen Up! The Lowdown on Goat Mites

When a goat rubs its ears, shakes its head or shows signs of crusting in the ears, ear mites could be to blame — and if one goat has ear mites, chances are good most, if not all, of the herd is infested with goat mites.

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