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Humane Euthanasia via Gunshot or Captive Bolt

Developing a euthanasia plan with your veterinarian ensures animal welfare in the worst situations. While some goat owners prefer other euthanasia methods, this sheet focuses strictly on the gunshot and captive bolt methods. Check your local laws to ensure all parts of this tutorial are legal within your area and decide if this is the best plan for your farm.

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Crossing State Lines with Goats

Each state has different requirements if you wish to enter with your goats. Check this list, and verify that no requirements have changed, before you begin your journey.

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Olé Cajeta Recipe

Like magic, a simmering pot on the stove can transform a few simple ingredients into a rich and creamy caramelized concoction to be used on ice cream, crêpes, pancakes, cinnamon rolls, cheese-cake, scones, fresh fruit, cheeses, and more.

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