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Jaclyn Krymowski

Jaclyn Krymowski is a professional agriculture writer, blogger and aspiring agri-business entrepreneur. She is a member of the Ohio Farm Bureau's Young Ag Professionals Committee and 4-H volunteer. Based in Ohio, the heart of the Midwest, she raises Alpine and Nubian dairy goats.
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Synch It Up!
August 4, 2021 · · Health

Estrus synchronization is simply any method used to bring an individual or group of animals into an optimal physiological state for ovulation and, thereby, conception. Besides reducing some breeding season headaches, this is also especially helpful to develop a specific kidding window.

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Let’s Talk About B Vitamins for Goats
August 4, 2021 · · Health

This series of vitamins play a wide array of roles in a healthy body and metabolism. For people and most animals, we must consume them daily. Goats, on the other hand, are a bit luckier. Thanks to their rumens, they can produce their own B vitamins.

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The Confusion With Copper for Goats
July 22, 2021 · · Health

Copper, for goats, is arguably one of the most talked-about trace minerals, and for good reason — it’s essential for healthy bone and muscle growth. When it’s deficient, especially in growing kids, there can be major consequences.

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Makin’ Money With Meat Goat Farming
July 13, 2021 · · Ownership

Looking for the simplest and most efficient way to earn a little profit in your goat venture? Look no further than market goats!

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Goat Udder Problems: Injuries and Infection
July 1, 2021 · · Health

A delicate and complex organ, the udder can easily sustain lasting damage that can either destroy or greatly impair milk output. Proper responses to goat udder problems such as injuries and infections are tools every doe owner should have.

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Think Before Supplementing Sulfur for Goats
June 30, 2021 · · Health

Vitamins and mineral nutrition can be overwhelming and confusing in livestock. There seems to be particular misunderstanding and uncertainty in goat circles about sulfur.

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Swollen Joints in Goats and Other Knee-Related Concerns
May 22, 2021 · · Health

Caring for swollen joints in goats involves identifying the cause. As jumpers and climbers extraordinaire, goats are heavily reliant on their associated “equipment.” Among the most important and intricate are their joints — the knees and hocks.

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Forages That Help, Forages That Harm
May 10, 2021 · · Feed & Housing

Pasture management is an ongoing process; what you get will vary according to grazing intensity, season, or other climate factors. Taking an active role, you can make the most of nutrients accessible to your herd.

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Strategic Diet in Late Pregnancy and Lactation
March 8, 2021 · · Health

Add to Favorites A doe’s journey through pregnancy, kidding, and then lactation is a biological marathon. While all perfectly natural segments of the lifecycle, these processes require nutrition to be at its peak for the doe to recuperate successfully.  Many of today’s livestock, being bred for production …

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A Guide to Promoting Your Goat Business Online
November 30, 2020 · · Ownership

The reality is if you want to be on the other end and offer products, services, or goats from your farm, the internet will be an integral part of maximizing your sales and customer relations.

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