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Karen Kopf

Karen Kopf and her husband Dale own Kopf Canyon Ranch in Troy, Idaho. They enjoy "goating" together and helping others goat. They raise Kikos primarily, but are experimenting with crosses for their new favorite goating experience: pack goats! You can learn more about them at Kopf Canyon Ranch on Facebook or kikogoats.org
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Articles by Karen Kopf

Finding the Balance: Maintaining Health with Goat Minerals
September 13, 2020 · · Health

Supplementation of goat minerals is required for good health but improper supplementation can be dangerous, even deadly.

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Chlamydia in Goats and Other STDs to Watch For
September 5, 2020 · · Health

When we think of breeding, we think of babies — not biosecurity — but diseases such as chlamydia in goats can be transmitted sexually.

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Listeriosis in Goats: Dangers of Feeding Moldy Hay
August 7, 2020 · · Feed & Housing

Circling Disease and Silage Sickness are other names for listeriosis in goats, commonly associated with feeding moldy hay.

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Conceiving Bucklings vs. Doelings
August 5, 2020 · · Health

Have you ever wondered why some years, some sires — or even some dams — produce more of one gender than others? Can certain management practices favor one over the other — or is it random? Is one more desirable than the other in the goat world?

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Geissebei Trekkinggeissen
July 26, 2020 · · Ownership

While goats are part of the Swiss cultural heritage, for decades they were called “the poor man’s cow.” Not as prevalent as cows, they are gaining popularity with the increasing demand for goat cheese and goat products.

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Goat Care During Fire Season
July 10, 2020 · · Health

When raising goats, prepare for many seasons: breeding season, kidding season, show season, winter — and for many in the western states, FIRE season.

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When Should You Use Lutalyse for Goats?
June 20, 2020 · · Health

There are risks to using Lute and other drugs. We prefer to avoid intervention in our herd unless there is a clear, unmistakable risk not to intervene.

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The Dilemma of Euthanasia
June 4, 2020 · · Health

Most of us would rather not think it, but all life ends in death. When death does not come easily or naturally, and a goat suffers, we can better care for them in their time of greatest need if we are prepared.

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Are You Feeding Straw or Hay for Goats?
March 15, 2020 · · Feed & Housing

If you dread choosing hay for goats, you are not alone … there is much to know about what to feed goats.

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Heads, Horns, and Hierarchy
March 4, 2020 · · Health

Most goats, have horns naturally. They are used as tools to scratch, dig, forage, fight, and defend. Horns also dissipate body heat since the blood supply is very close to the surface.

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