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Karen Kopf

Karen Kopf and her husband Dale own Kopf Canyon Ranch in Troy, Idaho. They enjoy "goating" together and helping others goat. They raise Kikos primarily, but are experimenting with crosses for their new favorite goating experience: pack goats! You can learn more about them at Kopf Canyon Ranch on Facebook or kikogoats.org
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Articles by Karen Kopf

Goats and Contracts
September 21, 2021 · · Ownership

We’ve bought goats with contracts, and we’ve bought goats without. Of all of the goats we’ve sold, we’ve done well with just a basic bill of sale with a few terms … except for the times we didn’t.

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Conceiving Bucklings vs. Doelings
September 13, 2021 · · Health

Have you ever wondered why some years, some sires — or even some dams — produce more of one gender than others? Can certain management practices favor one over the other — or is it random? Is one more desirable than the other in the goat world?

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Biosecurity and Goat Husbandry: What You Should Know About M. ovipneumoniae
August 25, 2021 · · Health

Add to Favorites  By Karen Kopf – At Kopf Canyon Ranch, just outside of Moscow, Idaho, we raise Kiko goats for meat and breeding stock. Our goat husbandry practice is to …

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Listeriosis in Goats: Dangers of Feeding Moldy Hay
July 25, 2021 · · Feed & Housing

Circling Disease and Silage Sickness are other names for listeriosis in goats, commonly associated with feeding moldy hay.

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Are You Feeding Straw or Hay for Goats?
July 17, 2021 · · Feed & Housing

If you dread choosing hay for goats, you are not alone … there is much to know about what to feed goats.

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The Fear of Fescue
July 5, 2021 · · Feed & Housing

Red bag, abortions, thickened placentas, founder, necrosis, failure to freshen — all are symptoms of fescue toxicity … and yet tall fescue is one of the most common forages for livestock in both pasture and baled grass hay.

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Johne’s, CAE, and CL Testing for Goats: Serology 101
June 28, 2021 · · Health

The “why” of blood testing is easy. CAE and CL testing for goats allows us to control diseases. The “what” is a question unanswered for many: What do serology tests do? What don’t they do? What should we do with the results?

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The Heritability of Udder Traits
June 21, 2021 · · Health

Many udder traits are hereditary. Ideally, selection occurs when choosing a buck and doe for breeding. Neither should have undesirable traits.

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Bucks with Bags!
June 14, 2021 · · Health

Yes, you read that right! Bucks can have udders — and some even produce milk! While it may seem unsettling — even freakish — it isn’t new or even rare.

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Boy Bands are Back! Banding Goats 101
June 14, 2021 · · Health

Banding goats … it is how we castrate males that will not be used as bucks. Using a tool called an elastrator, a thick rubber band (green Cheerio) is placed on the scrotum above the testes, eliminating blood flow, so that the testicles stop developing, shrivel, and fall off.

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