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Kate Johnson

Kate Johnson raises dairy goats at www.briargatefarm, runs a cheesemaking school at www.theartofcheese.com and is an active volunteer with the Boulder County 4-H program. She’s also a member of the Colorado Dairy Goat Association and author of the book, Tiny Goat Big Cheese.
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Managing CAE and CL in Goats
March 5, 2020 · · Health

CAE and CL in goats just might be on the top of the list of dreaded goat diseases. But if you’re new to goats or you’ve never heard of them, here is some useful information.

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Udder Despair: Mastitis in Goats
March 4, 2020 · · Health

Knowing how to diagnose this infection as early as possible, as well as how to treat mastitis in goats, are crucial if you want to maintain the long-term udder and overall health of your doe and to keep your milk production losses to a minimum.

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For the Love of Bloomy Rind Cheese
February 21, 2020 · · Home Dairy

While chèvre may be the most popular fresh goat cheese, when it comes to aged goat cheese, my favorite is a mouth-watering bloomy rind cheese.

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How to Host an Amateur Cheesemaking Contest
February 10, 2020 · · Home Dairy

Want to sell more surplus milk to local customers or find more homes for those spring kids? Teach how to make goat cheeses and then host a local amateur cheesemaking contest!

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The Dynamics of Cheese Names
September 29, 2019 · · Home Dairy

Did you ever wonder about all the cheese names out there and how a particular cheese got its name?

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Listeria Prevention for The Home Cheesemaker
July 3, 2019 · · Home Dairy

Thinking about listeria prevention might invoke paranoia and fear in many cheesemakers. By following these guidelines, as well as using good common sense, it is possible to avoid many of the possible problems.

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Food Safety for the Home Cheesemaker
April 24, 2019 · · Goat Notes

Culturing dairy products produces the perfect environment for both beneficial and harmful bacteria to thrive, so hygiene is critical during all steps of production. Practice food safety for listeria prevention and other contamination in all stages from the goat to the affinage.

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Preparing for Kidding
March 14, 2019 · · Health

Add to Favorites 2 months prior to due date: Dry off doe: Does should have 2 months off from milking before they kid again. 6 weeks prior to due date: …

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Life Lessons from the Barnyard: Trailering Adventures
March 14, 2019 · · Ownership

Add to Favorites When we first started raising dairy goats about ten years ago, we began with Mini Nubians. My thinking was that I loved the long floppy ears of …

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Getting Away
March 14, 2019 · · Ownership

Add to Favorites When we first moved from our suburban neighborhood to a rural property, one of our concerns was being able to take vacations and get away once we …

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