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Dr. Katie Estill DVM

Dr. Katie Estill DVM is a veterinarian consultant for Goat Journal, Countryside & Small Stock Journal, and Countryside online. She works with goats and other large livestock at Desert Trails Veterinary Services in Winnemucca, Nevada.
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Articles by Dr. Katie Estill DVM

Chlamydiosis in Goats
January 19, 2022 · · Health, Members Only

Chlamydia abortus is a bacterium that lives within the cells of its host animal. This infection of the placenta results in loss of the pregnancy, commonly in the last month

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Back from the Vet: Milk Fever in Goats

Hypocalcemia can cause serious illness in pregnant and lactating does. Establishing a nutrition plan for your does through pregnancy and lactation will reduce the risk of any animals contracting milk fever.

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Back From the Vet: Pregnancy Toxemia

Pregnancy toxemia occurs most commonly in the last one to three weeks of gestation. Early signs include lethargy and decreased feed intake, especially of grain.

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Back from The Vet: Johne’s Disease

It can lurk in your herd for years without any signs of illness and can spread rapidly. There is no vaccine, no treatment, or method to slow the progression. It is often fatal. What is this insidious disease?

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Back From the Vet: Goat Dental Health
August 4, 2021 · · Health

Though you may have gandered at your goat’s incisors to assess age, likely you have not taken them to the veterinarian. As advancements in the care of livestock have been made, more emphasis is being made on the oral health of goats.

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To Medicate or Not to Medicate

There are a handful of commonly used medications brought out for medical crises with goats. Whether or not these medications are actually indicated for the crisis at hand is often questionable.

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Back from the Vet: Caseous Lymphadenitis in Goats

Insidious diseases such as caseous lymphadenitis are having increasing ramifications for health and production within herds. In order to appropriately manage a goat herd for this disease, it is imperative to understand the disease process as well as the current diagnostics available.

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Back from the Vet: Rumen Disorders in Goats

The rumen is food’s first stop after being chewed and swallowed. It is populated with a large variety of microorganisms that assist in food digestion. The health of the rumen, and its microbes, are essential for the health of the animal.

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Back from The Vet: Antibiotic Use in Goats

Antibiotics have been, and continue to be, a hot button item. Their use, especially in livestock, is becoming increasingly more controversial. As concern for antibiotic resistance rises, federal and state regulations are further restricting their use.

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A Quick Guide to Goat Minerals
January 26, 2020 · · Goat Notes

When selecting a mineral supplement for your herd, choose one made specifically for goats. Supplements made for other species will not provide optimum levels and may even be harmful.

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