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Lacey Hughett

Lacey is an artist, author, mom, and homesteader based out of Reno, Nevada. She focuses on sustainability, heritage breed preservation, and ethical animal raising. She has been raising poultry since she was six years old. She be found on Instagram and Facebook at Hughett Heritage Farms.
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Articles by Lacey Hughett

The Kidding Kit: Be Ready for Goat Delivery
April 5, 2020 · · Health, Ownership

As with humans, ample planning is needed prior to a goat delivery. And in a perfect world, this exciting time would go by without a hitch, and usually does go well, but sometimes goes wrong in every conceivable way.

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Human Pregnancy Risks When Raising Goats
April 3, 2020 · · Health

Zoonotic diseases are infections that can be passed on from an animal to a human. And while the human is pregnant, she has more to lose should she get sick.

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She’s Got That Shine! Maintaining Healthy Goat Coats
March 5, 2020 · · Health

One of the commonly asked questions I hear from non-goat owners is “What do goats feel like?” A better question would be, “What are they supposed to feel like?”

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Goat Hoof Trimming
March 4, 2020 · · Goat Notes

Typical goat hoof trimming should be completed every two to three months. Spring and fall are especially important, as folds in overgrown hooves can trap mud and moisture, creating the perfect environment for bacteria to invite rot and scald.

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Goat Care, Month to Month
February 13, 2020 · · Health

Most goat vaccination schedules and care revolve around pregnancy, so this calendar does as well. It will help keep you on track when things get hectic.

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Goat Care Calendar
December 9, 2019 · · Goat Notes

Edit this schedule with your specific dates and goals. Once you have a calendar that works for you, it will help keep you on track when things get hectic.

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Making Goat Milk Fudge
December 8, 2019 · · Home Dairy

I posted on Instagram about this glorious goat milk fudge and contacted Kristin to openly beg for a recipe and request an interview. She told me she’d think about it. “I’ve spent years perfecting this recipe, and the nature of fudge is so finicky,” she said.

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Making Goat Milk Caramels
December 7, 2019 · · Home Dairy

This fast-approaching holiday season has everyone scrambling to find some tasty, quality candy recipes. Have you tried making goats milk caramel?

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Do Female Goats Have Horns? Busting 7 Goat-Keeping Myths
November 17, 2019 · · Kids' Corner

Do female goats have horns? And does all goat milk taste bad? The more educated people become about the myths and truths of goats, the more we can all love these animals and their antics.

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Boer Goats: Beyond the Meat
October 21, 2019 · · Goat Breeds

Boers are one of the best-known meat breeds, but they are significantly more than that as well.

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