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Marissa Ames

Editor of Goat Journal and Backyard Poultry magazines, Marissa Ames runs a small homestead in Fallon, Nevada, where she focuses on saving and propagating rare breeds of goats and garden vegetables. She and her husband, Russ, travel to Africa where they serve as agricultural advisors for the nonprofit I Am Zambia. She spends her free time eating lunch.
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Articles by Marissa Ames

Goat Management Wheel
December 31, 2022 · · Goat Notes

Goat Management Wheel

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Holiday Goat Butter Mints
December 8, 2022 · · Home Dairy

Whether you churn goat or cow butter, or you purchase butter from the store, I hope you enjoy this incredibly simple and customizable recipe. These mints make the perfect gifts — if you don’t eat them all first.

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How to Make Butter in Your Kitchen, in Minutes!
November 17, 2022 · · Home Dairy

Follow this short tutorial to learn how to make butter using raw or pasteurized cream, cow or goat milk, cultured or quick, with or without electricity.

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Why You Need the Right Cheese-Making Supplies
November 2, 2022 · · Home Dairy

A good inventory of cheese-making supplies isn’t tough to obtain, or even expensive, but it’s necessary for good cheese. Here’s what you can substitute and why you can’t scrimp on certain products.

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Making Ghee at Home
September 1, 2022 · · Home Dairy, Members Only

Once you’ve mastered butter from goat milk, making ghee at home provides a unique cooking ingredient that you may not find anywhere else.

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How to Make Cheese at Home: Crafting Hard Cheeses
August 29, 2022 · · Home Dairy

Add to Favorites Do you know how to make cheese at home? Are you ready to move from ricotta to Reggiano? Take a deep breath. The hardest part is maintaining …

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How to Make Homemade Sour Cream
July 22, 2022 · · Home Dairy

How do you make sour cream so it’s the pure, cultured treat it used to be? It’s not hard and it’s very rewarding.

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A Homemade Buttermilk Recipe, Two Ways!
May 31, 2022 · · Home Dairy

Where can you find a homemade buttermilk recipe to suit your cooking needs? And is making buttermilk difficult?

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Giving Injections
May 23, 2022 · · Goat Notes

Needle size varies by the injection route, animal size, and thickness of the injectable. Use the smallest needle possible to reduce discomfort. The smaller the gauge number, the bigger the needle. Sizes most commonly used in goats are 18, 20, and 22-gauge needles. Short needles, ½ to ¾ inches, are preferred for subcutaneous injections.

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Say Cheese!
May 20, 2022 · · Home Dairy

Add to Favorites Modern homesteading combines elements of sustainability with the skills of making things from scratch, all to improve our lives. It’s hard work but we all agree the …

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