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Marissa Ames

Editor of Goat Journal and Backyard Poultry magazines, Marissa Ames runs a small homestead in Fallon, Nevada, where she focuses on saving and propagating rare breeds of goats and garden vegetables. She and her husband, Russ, travel to Africa where they serve as agricultural advisors for the nonprofit I Am Zambia. She spends her free time eating lunch.
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Articles by Marissa Ames

Goat Breeding Checklist
July 28, 2021 · · Goat Notes

Are you ready to breed your goats? Consult this checklist for a healthy kidding season.

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Five-Point Check for Worms
February 22, 2021 · · Goat Notes

Indiscriminate deworming, either by deworming on a schedule or without seeing any specific symptoms of a high worm load, can breed medication-resistant worms on your property. Before deworming, conduct a five-point check to assess if treatment is necessary. This involves assessing the eye, back, tail, coat, and jaw areas.

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Body Condition Scoring (BCS) in Goats
February 22, 2021 · · Goat Notes

Different goat breeds come in different shapes and sizes. A large belly can mean pregnancy, body fat, a full rumen, or just relaxed ligaments. Weights can help measure medication doses but are not specifically indicative of body fat. A Body Condition Score helps identify obese animals and those needing to gain weight.

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A Delicious Cooked, Nonalcoholic Eggnog Recipe
December 16, 2020 · · Home Dairy

Though we love the smooth, custardy sweetness, we may hate the additives listed on the back panel of the carton. But you can enjoy this treat year-round by following an easy nonalcoholic eggnog recipe.

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How to Make Mozzarella Cheese in Seven Easy Steps
November 22, 2020 · · Home Dairy

You can learn how to make mozzarella cheese, start to finish, within thirty minutes. It’s so easy you can do it while crafting the rest of your dinner.

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Permanent Identification for Goats in the United States of America
October 6, 2020 · · Goat Notes

Whether you legally must have permanent identification on your goats, or if it’s just a good idea, here are guidelines to tagging your herd.

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Is Raw Milk Illegal?
October 6, 2020 · · Home Dairy

Humans have enjoyed raw milk benefits for millennia. But now only 28 American states allow the sale of raw milk and it is illegal in Canada.

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How to Make Paneer Cheese
September 2, 2020 · · Home Dairy

Knowing how to make paneer cheese was a crucial skill for some Indian and Pakistani families. It provided quick, safe vegetarian protein to round out a healthy meal.

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How to Make Homemade Sour Cream
June 17, 2020 · · Home Dairy

How do you make sour cream so it’s the pure, cultured treat it used to be? It’s not hard and it’s very rewarding.

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Adventures in Making Goat Butter
April 25, 2020 · · Home Dairy

The first time I tried making goat butter, I didn’t have a cream separator. I didn’t have much of anything. But I tried anyway.

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