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Patrice Lewis

Patrice Lewis is a wife, mother, homesteader, homeschooler, author, blogger, columnist, and speaker. An advocate of simple living and self-sufficiency, she has practiced and written about self-reliance and preparedness for almost 30 years. She is experienced in homestead animal husbandry and small-scale dairy production, food preservation and canning, country relocation, home-based businesses, homeschooling, personal money management, and food self-sufficiency. Follow her website patricelewis.com or blog rural-revolution.com.
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Articles by Patrice Lewis

Is Caseous Lymphadenitis Contagious to Humans?
May 1, 2023 · · Health

CL can be found all over the world and affects many animals, but is caseous lymphadenitis contagious to humans?

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Nasal Bot Flies
March 27, 2023 · · Health, Members Only

Nasal bot flies — Oestrus ovis — are a worldwide parasite mainly affecting sheep and goats (along with deer and occasionally horses, dogs, cats, and even humans).

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Trees to Plant (or Avoid) for Goats
September 21, 2022 · · Feed & Housing

Over 700 plants that make goats sick in North America and are considered toxic. It’s worth noting which trees you might find regionally or on your property.

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Preventing and Treating Coccidiosis in Goats
September 14, 2022 · · Health

If you see diarrhea among your goat herd — especially among the kids — then it’s likely that your animals are suffering from coccidiosis. Coccidiosis in goats is both common and easily prevented. Treated, it’s minor. Untreated, it can kill young animals and have lifelong health effects on survivors.

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Goat Bedding: Shallow vs. Deep Bedding Methods
September 1, 2022 · · Feed & Housing

In this article, let’s examine two more common goat bedding methods: Shallow bedding and deep litter.

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Goat Playgrounds: A Place to Play!
September 1, 2022 · · Ownership

Goats are many things: lively, intelligent, playful, curious, useful.  It’s the playfulness that can be the undoing of the novice goat-owner. For this reason, goat playgrounds are highly recommended.

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What is the Best Hay for Goats?
July 16, 2022 · · Feed & Housing

Why should you approach goat feed with scientific precision? The answer is simple: To maximize the health of the animal. But what is the best hay for goats?

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The Controversy of Dehorning
March 17, 2022 · · Health

Horns serve a purpose: sexual competition, hierarchical status, protection from predators, attracting mates, and even a cooling method. For goat owners, the question is what to do with them.

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“What did she eat this time?”
February 28, 2022 · · Health

Goats unfortunately cater to their curiosity with their mouths and eat many things they shouldn’t, causing gastrointestinal blockages.

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How to Make Goat Milk Taste Better
December 13, 2021 · · Home Dairy

“Goaty” flavor springs from the enzyme caproic acid, strengthening taste as milk ages. Many things affect the taste of goat milk — diet, health, presence of a buck, cleanliness, environment, even a genetic component.

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