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Rebecca Sanderson

I grew up in a very small town in Idaho with a backyard full of chickens, goats, sometimes sheep, sometimes ducks, and other random animals in addition to the standard cats and dogs. I am now married with two little girls and love the homesteading life! My husband is very supportive (tolerant) of my continued experiments in making many items from scratch, and he even helps sometimes.
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Articles by Rebecca Sanderson

Team Snazzy Goat
August 22, 2021 · · Ownership

Goat pulling teams are awesomely different. When Mika came across old pictures of goats being used as pulling teams she thought, “Well, why not?”

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Janus, a Two-Headed Goat
August 5, 2021 · · Ownership

When Jocelyn went in to feel if the kid needed to be turned or assisted out, what she felt confused her. The little buckling had two heads.

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Secret Life of Goats: IMTUF Goats
August 4, 2021 · · Ownership

Bleary-eyed from staying awake all night, both humans and pack goats are exhausted as they now hike down the steep trail back to their vehicle. The runners only have 36 hours to complete the race with 20,000 feet of climb and descent.

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Rabies vs. Your Goat

Rabies is one of those diseases that strike instant fear in the hearts of people when they learn that they could have been exposed. This brings us to the questions of how is rabies transmitted plus should goat owners consider vaccinating their goats against it?

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How the California Fires Affected Dairy Goat Owners
June 24, 2021 · · Ownership

Believing the fire would follow at least a similar pattern to other years (5 out of the last 6), they went to bed that night firmly believing that it would be at least a few days before the farm could possibly be threatened if the fire moved east this year. A little before 3am, the call came to evacuate immediately.

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Transgenic Goats Saving Children
June 21, 2021 · · Ownership

Studies were first done with young pigs that had been inoculated with E. coli bacteria to induce diarrhea. One group was fed the lysozyme-rich milk while the other was fed unaltered goat milk. While both groups recovered, the study group which was fed the lysozyme-rich milk recovered faster, was less dehydrated, and had less damage to the intestinal tract.

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The Performance of Pack Goats
June 21, 2021 · · Ownership

Everyone in the goat packing world has slightly different preferences for their goats, but a few specifications remain consistent. Pack goats must be wethers.

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Goat Milk for Cow Milk Protein Allergies
June 5, 2021 · · Home Dairy

In the debate between goat milk vs. cow milk, there is often the question of whether a milk protein allergy to one equals an allergy to both. In short; yes and no.

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Patrick and Friends
May 24, 2021 · · Ownership

Lisa at Ruby Slipper Goat Rescue loves helping goats. She has become quite adept at helping goats who need a wheelchair, whether temporarily or permanently. Patrick is only the latest goat sporting wheels.

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Umbilical Cord Care: Avoiding Joint Ill in Goats
April 12, 2021 · · Health

Navel ill, more commonly known as joint ill in goats, occurs from bacteria entering the body usually via the umbilical cord.

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