Mixing Breeds to Contain Meat Goats

Study Compares Containing Spanish vs. Boer Goats in a Barbed and Electric Fence System

Mixing Breeds to Contain Meat Goats
Add to Favorites by Caly Bornsen  Goats are a one-of-a-kind species with their own personalities. Many people believe that goats are similar to sheep, but this is not necessarily true. The nutrient requirements of goats more closely resemble those of cattle, which is why producers prefer to graze them together. Major advantages to grazing goats and cattle together include increasing animal production per land area, reducing internal parasites of the goats, and improving the efficiency of vegetation use. Goats typically will eat the plants that cattle deem unpalatable and vice versa. The major disadvantage to this system is goat containment. Goats are notorious for their fence crawling behavior. Farmers sometimes say, “If you throw a pail of water at the fence and the water gets through, so can the goat.” This is why a study was done to measure the effects of using electric wire or barbed wire on various breeds

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