What are Confinement Operations?

Should You Consider A Confinement Operation for Your Goats?

What are Confinement Operations?
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes John and Barbara run a meat goat operation. However, you probably wouldn’t guess that they currently have about 420 goats if you were to drive by their farm. None of the goats are visible because they are all in the barn. Now, before you start making claims of unethical factory farming, let me tell you a bit more about how they run their “confinement operation” and why you may be converted to do something similar. Barbara’s family used to raise hogs from farrow to finish. Because of this, they had a hog barn. When the price of corn became too high, it was no longer profitable to raise hogs in conditions that were not overcrowded. With the hog barn already on their property, they simply had to convert it to house a different breed of animal. The ceiling was a bit low for

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