What Do Goats Do Naturally? 7 Goat-Friendly Barn Essentials

Providing Safe, Natural Fun for Goats: Climbing, Hiding, Foraging, and Exploring

What Do Goats Do Naturally? 7 Goat-Friendly Barn Essentials
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 7 minutes Goats need more than just food, water, and healthcare. They have active minds and bodies honed by their long evolution in mountainous terrain, which results in certain behavioral needs. But, what do goats do naturally when left to roam free range? AgResearch, a New Zealand crown research institution specializing in sustainable agriculture, has an animal welfare team assigned to study how goats behave in their natural environment and what makes them content. Gosia Zobel and her team logged the activities of dairy goats free-ranging in an alpine setting. They also sought out studies of goats in the wild. They applied the information that they gleaned into building structures within the housing of the research center’s Saanen goats. Based on these principles, Zobel also provides enrichment to her own goats’ enclosure at home. What Do Goats Do Free Range in Mountains? The team recorded

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