What Is the Best Hay for Goats?

Can goats eat alfalfa, and is it the best feed for them?

What Is the Best Hay for Goats?
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes For an animal with a reputation for dietary diversity, why should you approach goat feed with scientific precision? The answer is simple: To maximize the health of the animal. But what is the best hay for goats?  As browsers (as opposed to grazers), goats eat a wide variety of plants from weeds to woody shrubs. Goats instinctively choose the most nutritious plants available. This means they stubbornly refuse to mow your lawn and instead will eat the weeds, bushes, leaves, and even barks of trees. (Think of them as “living weedwhackers” rather than “living lawnmowers.”)  But during times when goats can’t browse, they must be fed. Caprines need roughage in the form of about two to four pounds of hay per day (3% to 4% of body weight) for their rumens to function properly. This can be fed free-choice or twice a day.  There are several different categories of hay: legume (such

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