A Guide to What Goats Can Eat

A Guide to What Goats Can Eat

Guide to What Goats Can Eat


What can your goats eat? Find out with this FREE guide from expert goat keepers!

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The basics of your goat’s diet may seem obvious. Or maybe not. When it comes to what goats can eat, there is a lot of confusion. We’re here to help, with this FREE guide!

It’s a common misconception that goats can “eat anything.” In fact, too much of even a good food can lead to deadly digestive problems! Did you know that hay might lack so much nutrition that it actually classifies as straw? And how much corn is it safe to give to your goat?

We have some of the best longtime goat-owning professionals here at Countryside! They help readers through Goat Journal and Countryside & Small Stock Journal. And now, they’re here to help you feed your animals with this FREE report.

Download this FREE guide: Guide to What Goats Can Eat and find answers to some of your questions:

  • Are oak leaves toxic to goats?
  • What other landscaping plants on my property might hurt my goats?
  • Can goats eat bamboo?
  • How should I feed a buck while he’s in rut?
  • What different types of hay can I feed to my goat and what has the most nutrition?
  • How do I do a hay analysis?
  • Can I feed corn, rice flour, and wheat flour to my goats?
  • Is it safe for my goat to eat sticker plants and poison ivy?
  • Can alfalfa cause urinary calculi?

…And more!

Why wait until you have an emergency before finding out if you are feeding something dangerous to your goat? Download this FREE guide now!

May your goats be healthy,

Marissa Ames
Editor for Goat Journal

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