Uncovering African Goat Origins in America’s Favorite Breeds

How Common Goat Breeds in America Came Across the Sea

Uncovering African Goat Origins in America’s Favorite Breeds
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 6 minutes Where do goats come from? Goat breed origins are notoriously difficult to fathom because, from the times of early explorers, goats have traveled around the world on sea voyages. They were chosen as a food source due to their adaptable and manageable nature. Sailors stopped over at seaports along the way and took on local goats. As a result, goats’ genetic make-up was already mixed up centuries ago. Genetics researchers have recently been able to analyze parts of the genome to identify the likely origins of some of our modern breeds. Surprisingly, America has more breeds with African goat origins than we realize. How Goats Spread Through Africa Northern Africa is geographically close to the Near East where goats were first domesticated over 10,000 years ago. Consequently, many African breeds have ancient origins. Firstly, goats from the southwest region of the Fertile Crescent

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