Boer Goats: Beyond the Meat

Can You Milk Boer Goats?

Boer Goats: Beyond the Meat
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes What are Boer goats even good for? They’re good for meat. Goat tacos. Food for human consumption. They’re like all the other species meant for slaughter, correct? Cornish chickens, Angus beef, and Yorkshire pigs.   As a person who personally knows several Boer goats, let me begin to correct this assumption.   Boer goats are loving. They are sweet. They have a wide array of silly personalities common among goats. They are snack hogs and chronic personal space abusers. They are also known for giving slobbery, whiskery goat kisses and getting into mischief.   Boers are one of the best-known meat breeds, but they are significantly more than that as well. Due to selective breeding, Boers grow remarkably fast and have a meaty carcass. A good line of Boers will reach butcher age by three months. Should one search “Meat Goat” in any major search engine, around 90% of the photos will

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