Breed Profile: Chèvre des Fossés

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Breed Profile: Chèvre des Fossés
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 6 minutes Breed: chèvre des Fossés (ditch goat) or chèvre des Talus (bank goat) or chèvre commune de l’Ouest (landrace goat of western France). Origin: The chèvre des Fossés is local to Brittany, Normandy, and Pays de la Loire in northwest France. Earlier origins are unknown. The breed’s characteristics suggest descendence from cold-weather goats that accompanied the migration of early settlers across northern Europe 5,000 years ago. History: In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, poor rural families kept these small multi-purpose goats for milk, meat, and skin, as well as for managing local paths, banks, and ditches. They were known as the “poor man’s cow.” A Basic Guide to Raising Dairy Goats — Yours FREE! Everything you need to know about raising dairy goats. Facts about goats to dairy goat breeds to goat milk benefits and making goat cheese. Sign up today — it’s free! A

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