Breed Profile: Chèvre des Fossés

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Breed Profile: Chèvre des Fossés
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 6 minutes Breed: chèvre des Fossés (ditch goat) or chèvre des Talus (bank goat) or chèvre commune de l’Ouest (landrace goat of western France). Origin: The chèvre des Fossés is local to Brittany, Normandy, and Pays de la Loire in northwest France. Earlier origins are unknown. The breed’s characteristics suggest descendence from cold-weather goats that accompanied the migration of early settlers across northern Europe 5,000 years ago. History: In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, poor rural families kept these small multi-purpose goats for milk, meat, and skin, as well as for managing local paths, banks, and ditches. They were known as the “poor man’s cow.” Get Goat Care Tips from Experts! Sign up for our FREE newsletter and you’ll get weekly tips on goat care from our seasoned experts — everything from feed & housing considerations to common ailments, breed suggestions, home dairy recipes and much

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