Goat Varieties for Hot Climates

Where do Goats Live and Thrive in Extreme Heat?

Goat Varieties for Hot Climates
Different species of livestock react to heat waves and hot climates differently. Some goat varieties are more tolerant than others. All animals should receive special consideration and adjustments during periods of high heat. Even goat varieties that are well-accustomed to high temperatures and hot sun should have plenty of water available at all times. A few factors come into play when small ruminants, such as many goat varieties, endure high heat. Heavy fiber, such as with Angora goats, can raise body temperature. Lactating goats require more water in order to produce milk. Larger goats can be less heat tolerant than smaller goat breeds. The very young and the very old goat will be less heat-tolerant, despite the goat varieties they represent. In addition, darker-colored goats attract more of the sun’s heat and can overheat faster than a white goat. On the other hand, sunburn is a factor with light-skinned and

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