Historical Background of Alpine Goats

Dairy Goat History of One of The Best Goats for Milk

Historical Background of Alpine Goats
Add to Favorites By Paul Hamby – Goats, including Alpine goats, are believed to be the first animal domesticated by man. Bones of goats have been found in caves along with evidence of human inhabitation of those caves. One of the goat remains had evidence of a healed broken leg that could have only healed under the protection of a human. Scientists determined she would have died in the wild without human intervention. Her remains have been carbon dated to 12,000–15,000 years ago. These goats were the Persian (middle eastern) goat “Pashang.” Some Pashang migrated to the Alps Mountains. It is likely that some of them went to the Alps along with their human companions and other wild herds moved there. Our present day Alpine goats descend from the Pashang goat, also known as the Bezoar goat. Alpines are found throughout the Alps Mountains, their namesake, in Europe. Over thousands of years,

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