Icelandic Goat: Conservation Through Farming

Iceland: Farm Saves Rare Goat Breed from Extinction

Icelandic Goat: Conservation Through Farming
Add to Favorites A passionate young woman and her family battle against cultural and legal obstacles to save a unique and endearing rare goat breed, the Icelandic goat. Her animals starred in a scene in Game of Thrones and won the affection of audiences worldwide. Her international crowdfunding campaign saved them from the brink of extinction. But her struggle did not stop there, as she strives to make her farm sustainable. A beautiful white buck, Casanova, and 19 of his companion Icelandic goats, formed the goat cast in episode six of season four of Game of Thrones. In this scene, Drogon (Khaleesi Daenerys Targaryen’s mightiest dragon) breathes fire over the herd and snatches up Casanova. Of course, this was only acting and computer animation. Casanova came to no harm. The director, Alik Sakharov, found the buck so charismatic that he couldn’t resist making him a star. In the real world,

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