Breed Profile: Pashmina Goat

Nomadic Himalayan Goat Produces the Finest Fiber

Breed Profile: Pashmina Goat
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes Breed: Pashmina wool is fine cashmere, traditionally derived from the Changthangi breed, also called Changra (Chang relates to its native region, the Changthang, and ra means goat), and known internationally as the Pashmina goat. Origin: Changthangi goats have roamed the northern and western zones of the Tibetan Plateau for centuries. There may be some influence from the markhor in their ancestry, giving rise to their twisted horns. Similarly, there is evidence of domestication of the wild goat in the Indus Valley, where the Sindh ibex still maintains a wild population that may have contributed to the Changthangi gene pool. A Basic Guide to Raising Dairy Goats — Yours FREE! Everything you need to know about raising dairy goats. Facts about goats to dairy goat breeds to goat milk benefits and making goat cheese.Sign up today — it’s free! History: Changthangi goats have been

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