Small Goat Breeds

Honey I Shrunk the Goat (or A Concise Catalogue of Compact Caprines)

Small Goat Breeds
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes “I should get a goat,” my friend announced as she watched tiny bundles of adorable energy bounce across her computer screen.   “Are you sure?” I asked. “Those little baby goats grow into big adult goats. Do you really have room for that?”  “But what about goats that stay small?”    She had a good point. Whether you want a backyard pet, a manageable 4-H project for a child, or smaller livestock for a homestead or hobby farm, consider these small goat breeds.   Pygmy  These hardy, adaptable miniature goats arrived in Europe from Africa during the mid to late 1800s, then America in the 1950s. Although officially a meat goat, they were brought over to be used as laboratory animals, zoo exhibits, and exotic pets.  An adult Pygmy goat stands slightly smaller than a Golden Retriever. They’re stocky and heavy-boned with a barrel-shaped body and short legs.

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