Breed Profile: Spanish Goat

The Tried-and-True American Heritage Landrace Provides the Best Goats for Meat

Breed Profile: Spanish Goat
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes Breed: The Spanish goat is the native landrace of the United States. However, it has gone unrecognized due to the many names used for these goats in different areas. For instance, they are sometimes called scrub, woods, brier, hills, or Virginia hill goats. The confusion arises because mixed-breed brush goats assigned with clearing weeds often go under the same name. Nevertheless, heritage Spanish goats have a distinct gene pool. Their unique qualities include hardiness, efficiency, and suitability to various New World climates. A Basic Guide to Raising Dairy Goats — Yours FREE! Everything you need to know about raising dairy goats. Facts about goats to dairy goat breeds to goat milk benefits and making goat cheese.Sign up today — it’s free! The Long History of Spanish Goats in America Origin: Spanish colonists brought goats to Caribbean and Mexican shores during the 1500s. Goats

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