Olé Cajeta Recipe

By Cappy Tosetti

Like magic, a simmering pot on the stove can transform a few simple ingredients into a rich and creamy caramelized concoction to be used on ice cream, crêpes, pancakes, cinnamon rolls, cheese-cake, scones, fresh fruit, cheeses, and more.

Rachael Van Laanen and husband Scott Brinton milk 40 American Alpine goats at Mystery Bay Farm outside Seattle, Washington. They offer artisancheeses, yogurt, and cajeta as farmstead products.

“It’s a simple recipe, but it takes plenty of patience during the cooking process,” advises Rachael, “so it’s important to carve out a good amount of time while stirring the pot. It’s a peaceful time, filled withthe aroma of sweet caramel in the air.”

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