A Story of Urinary Calculi

Chip Can't Pee!

A Story of Urinary Calculi
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 3 minutes While this particular story is about a sheep, the condition that this sheep suffered from is also commonly seen in goats. Chip is a wether sheep. His owner, Jon, takes good care of his small herd of goats, sheep, and alpacas. When Chip one day suddenly looked very ill, Jon, fortunately, paid attention. Chip was standing very still and “looked sick.” He would also occasionally strain, as if he were sneezing but without the sneeze part. Jon immediately called the vet who was able to come three days later. As the veterinarian examined Chip, he found that the tip of Chip’s penis was necrotic, meaning that the tissue was dead and decaying. This was definitely not a good sign, and Jon’s heart dropped. As the vet attempted to insert a catheter, it simply would not go past a certain point in the urethra.

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