A Tail to Tell

When your goat's tail could indicate a serious problem.

A Tail to Tell
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 4 minutes One of my favorite sights on the farm is when I greet our herd every morning at breakfast. Their ears go up, their tails wag, and I swear that I can almost see them smiling! But sometimes their tails can tell us an entirely different story, and it’s one that you really want to pay attention to.   Scours is a fancy name for goat diarrhea. Your goat’s once-happy tail may now be coated in liquid fecal matter that ranges in color from pasty white to watery brown. Unfortunately common, scours may be brought on by a variety of stressors including transportation, sudden feed change, unsanitary living conditions, vaccinations, and more. One of the primary concerns with scours is dehydration, so quick treatment is key. Goat electrolytes and a call to your vet are in order if you suspect severe dehydration.   A fishtail braid might be

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