Breath of Life – Looking after Goats’ Lungs

Is Your Goat Coughing? Herbal Remedies for Goats Can Help.

Breath of Life – Looking after Goats’ Lungs
Add to Favorites By Katherine Drovdahl MH CA CR DipHIr CEIT QTP Looking after goats can be challenging. Of all the conditions that can affect goats, lungs tend to be the weakest link for our beloved caprines. Kids or adults can expire within hours after you note a problem, so this is not a situation where you can decide to get to it later. Later is now if you want the best opportunity to turn that problem around. Viral and bacterial sources can cause goat diseases like pneumonia and pleurisy. So can mechanical sources such as smoke, dust (including dusty hay), urine or other smelly barn air. Airborne toxins such as chemical fly sprays, herbicides, pesticides, fuels and spray paints can be seriously problematic. Molds, including most of the dust found in hays, are another source of issues. There are many ways we can be proactive when looking after goats

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