Conceiving Bucklings vs. Doelings

Can you influence which gender your doe produces?

Conceiving Bucklings vs. Doelings
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 6 minutes It’s a buck year! It’s a doe year!  Have you ever wondered why some years, some sires — or even some dams — produce more of one gender than others? Can certain management practices favor one over the other — or is it random? Is one more desirable than the other in the goat world?  For many breeders, ratio is everything. Dairy herds prefer doelings to increase production and sell doelings for milk, but bucklings have little value except as herdsires, or pets, and the demand is limited. Dairies celebrate the doe years and struggle to place bucklings. In a meat or pack goat prospect herd, the demand is for males. Meat and pack goat producers celebrate the buck years.  It is indisputable that the sire carries the gender chromosome, so the general assumption is that he is responsible for the gender outcome of his offspring. We would assume that some bucks produce more males and some more

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