Caring for Rejected Kid Goats

What to Feed Baby Goats and How to Care For Abandoned Kids

Caring for Rejected Kid Goats
Add to Favorites Whatever the reason behind it, a rejected kid goat needs care right away. There isn’t much we can do to prevent rejection but we can be ready to step in when necessary. If a doe refuses to care for the newborn, it is a life and death matter for that kid. It’s intense at first. Baby goats eat frequently throughout the day and even require night feeding. Dehydration, scours and a general failure to thrive can occur. One of the cutest things you will ever encounter in farm living is a baby goat drinking from a baby bottle. Those tiny kid goats can really work hard to receive the nutrition they need. Unless you love being sleep-deprived, the cuteness wears  a little thin after a few nights. Because of this, most goat breeders hope that the does will all be wonderful, nurturing mothers after delivery. The causes of rejection could

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