Coccidiosis in Goats: A Kid Killer

Many Goat Coccidia Treatments are Also Safe for Newborn Kids

Coccidiosis in Goats: A Kid Killer
Coccidiosis in goats is stressful enough but can kill a kid. But if you catch it soon enough, you can use many goat coccidia treatments for newborn kids. Kidding season was a great success and your goats — both moms and kids — are healthy and happy. The barn is a little more crowded than usual and it’s harder to keep it clean. Then, two to five months in (around weaning time), a kid develops diarrhea, seemingly overnight. You get that under control with a little kaolin-pectin or probiotics and slippery elm, and then another develops it. Soon, if the culprit is not found, most of the kids develop diarrhea. Then, the worst happens — several kids suddenly die. What now? Learn how to Avoid Common Goat AilmentsAt Goat Journal, we understand your concerns. Let us send you our FREE Guide to Common Goat Ailments plus weekly goat-keeping tips to

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