DIY Oregano Goat Udder Balm Means Happy Goats

One Item in Your Goat Milking Supplies Cabinet Should be Udder Balm

DIY Oregano Goat Udder Balm Means Happy Goats
If you have milking goats, then you’ll want to have a goat udder balm on hand. During milking, a goat’s udder can naturally get dry from all the handling, and since she’s providing your family with her wonderful milk, taking care of her udder is one way to say thank you. There’s also a practical reason. I’ve found during milking season that as our goat’s udder becomes dry, her skin is more likely to get flaky. It causes all kinds of questionable stuff to get in the milk, which I then need to strain off. In jersey cow milk production, there are similar issues. My homemade goat udder balm helps avoid that unnecessary event and prevents her skin from flaking off all over my hands. Until I started using udder balm on my goat, her udder would be chapped and dry. Not good! I swiftly switched gears after seeing how

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