Finding Success in a Straw

An Introduction to Artificial Insemination

Finding Success in a Straw
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 4 minutes By Jaclyn Krymowski We all love the sight of happy, healthy, playful kids jumping about; who are the direct result of mindful, successful mating. No matter how big or small your herd, reproduction is an important aspect of goatkeeping. Thanks to animal science, today we have more than one way to get your does pregnant each year. Artificial insemination (A.I.), is a breeding method that sounds a bit intimidating at first, but a very simple process and cost-effective way to improve your herd without the hassle of a live buck.  What is A.I. and what does it have to do with goats?  Artificial insemination is the process of placing semen directly into the uterus of a doe. The most common method utilizes insertion via a speculum and insemination rod. Another A.I. method practiced on small ruminants, a laparoscopic procedure, is done surgically by a veterinarian who makes the semen deposit directly through the body cavity. Whatever method, A.I. success requires a sound understanding of the female reproductive cycle (called the estrous cycle), and how it can be manipulated. Due to the equipment,

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