Finding the Balance: Maintaining Health with Goat Minerals

Many signs of copper deficiency in goats can result from another syndrome.

Finding the Balance: Maintaining Health with Goat Minerals
Add to Favorites Why do you need to supplement goat minerals? Goats are ruminants with a complex digestive system. They were designed to forage, not to be fed. Interestingly, when goats are offered a diverse environment, they will select plants with the nutrients they need and will vary their diet by their condition. Goats have even been shown to self-medicate. Many of the preferred plants in a goat’s diet have a deep taproot that accesses different parts of the soil — and more minerals — than shallow-rooted grasses. When goats are confined, the diversity of their diet is limited and results in deficiencies.   Supplementation of goat minerals is required for good health but improper supplementation can be dangerous, even deadly. While many symptoms of deficiency can be detected on visual assessment, determining the cause is more complicated. Unfortunately, many producers are quick to give supplementation recommendations without fully assessing a goat’s nutritional profile. Doing

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