Goat Care, Month to Month

Customize this schedule to keep you on track when things get hectic!

Goat Care, Month to Month
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 4 minutes When I first got into raising goats, despite reading livestock books, I was still at a loss when it came to yearly health and management of my herd. Nailing down a schedule for my goats was one of the many challenges I encountered, and I am out to ease those growing pains for Goat Journal readers who still need to make the leap. Most goat vaccination schedules and care revolve around pregnancy, so this calendar will as well. My girls are usually bred in October. Use my schedule as a guide but remember to edit it with your specific dates, with your goals in mind. Once you have a calendar that works for you, print it out and stick to it! When things get crazy and hectic, that goat care calendar will be one of the tools keeping you on track. Common Goat

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