Goat Illnesses from Floods, Fires, and Evacuations

Is Your Goat Coughing, After Fire Danger Has Passed? Is a Big Storm Coming?

Goat Illnesses from Floods, Fires, and Evacuations
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 6 minutes Katherine Drovdahl, MH CR CA DipHIr CEIT QTP answers questions about evacuation, relocation, and goat illnesses resulting from disasters. Is your goat coughing? Is a big storm on the way? Q: What goat illness would cause my goat to cough? A: Goat coughing can be caused by several things. A goat illness and issue list causing a goat to cough would include allergies, smoke, or dust in the environment, pneumonia, getting something caught in the throat, getting liquid in the lungs, and lungworm. If you hear a goat coughing, you’ll want to determine the cause right away so you don’t risk loss or further damage to your goat. Q: I try and raise my goats on as many healthy herbs as possible. Should I still give them CDT shots? A: CDT injections are for Clostridium C&D types and the T is for tetanus. Vaccines always

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