Goat Illnesses from Floods, Fires, and Evacuations

Is Your Goat Coughing, After Fire Danger Has Passed? Is a Big Storm Coming?

Goat Illnesses from Floods, Fires, and Evacuations
Katherine Drovdahl, MH CR CA DipHIr CEIT QTP answers questions about evacuation, relocation, and goat illnesses resulting from disasters. Is your goat coughing? Is a big storm on the way? Q: What goat illness would cause my goat to cough? A: Goat coughing can be caused by several things. A goat illness and issue list causing a goat to cough would include allergies, smoke, or dust in the environment, pneumonia, getting something caught in the throat, getting liquid in the lungs, and lungworm. If you hear a goat coughing, you’ll want to determine the cause right away so you don’t risk loss or further damage to your goat. Q: I try and raise my goats on as many healthy herbs as possible. Should I still give them CDT shots? A: CDT injections are for Clostridium C&D types and the T is for tetanus. Vaccines always carry the risk of side effects, ranging

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