Goat Lice: Are Your Goats Lousy?

Instead of Eliminating Goat Bedding, Address Lice on The Goat Itself

Goat Lice: Are Your Goats Lousy?
If your goats are biting and scratching, suspect lice. The easiest place to spot goat lice is just behind the foreleg, directly on the skin. Goat lice are very common in winter months, and finding them does not mean you are a bad herdsman. If you don’t see them, it doesn’t mean they are not there. Goats are susceptible to many parasitic conditions — worms, mites, and lice — because parasites are part of the environment. It may be next to impossible to eliminate parasites, but with good management practices, we can mitigate their effects on herd health. Cold climates and the associated confined areas are ideal conditions for lice infestation. If the thought or sight of goat lice makes your skin crawl, rest assured: lice are species specific. Goat lice only infest goats. You may get one on you, but you will not get them, nor will your house,

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