How Long is Goat Gestation?

And How Can I Be Ready When My Pregnant Goat Delivers?

How Long is Goat Gestation?
When raising dairy goats, the first step is breeding the doe. You may then wonder, “How long is goat gestation?” Taking a look through the entire process will set you up for a more successful start. Breeding the Doe: Pre-Breeding Checklist Deciding whether to breed the doe should include several factors. For first time breeders, look at physical maturity of the doe. Has she finished most of her growth? Are the teats well formed? Look at udder conformation. Most breeds reach sexual maturity by five to six months of age, but you may want to wait until eight to twelve months before breeding. If your doe is on the smaller side of breed size, choose a buck that is also smaller. Otherwise, she may have trouble delivering large kids. If you are repeat-breeding the doe, look at your goat’s gestation history, since this can help you avoid problems after breeding. Does that had

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