How to Trim Goat Hooves for Overall Health

Goat hoof anatomy and avoiding goat hoof rot

How to Trim Goat Hooves for Overall Health
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes Trimming goat hooves is essential to good goat health. When keeping goats, learn how to trim goat hooves for regular maintenance and to promote a healthy life for your goat. Overgrown hooves can hide diseased tissue, and lead to a slow painful decline in the goat’s overall condition. When you are looking at the foot from the top view, you see two separate toes, or cloves, of the hoof. Each clove acts as an independent hoof!  Both halves of the full goat hoof have the same parts. Hopefully, you also see clean hard hoof material.  Picking up the hoof allows us a view of the interesting underside of the hoof. A healthy, well-trimmed hoof clearly shows the various layers of the hoof. Goat Hoof Anatomy The hard, outer layer is made of a keratin material, much like our fingernails, but tougher and thicker.

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