Identifying and Treating Goat Pink Eye

What Antibiotics Treat Pink Eye when It Presents in Your Herd?

Identifying and Treating Goat Pink Eye
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 4 minutes Goat pink eye, formerly called infectious keratoconjunctivitis, refers to inflammation of both the cornea and conjunctiva. It can be the scourge of an otherwise healthy herd during summer months when flies cluster around eye tissue but is a highly contagious and communicable eye infection in goats at any time of the year. Caused by several different bacteria, goat pink eye usually leaves no long-term damage.   All may seem well with your goats: You survived kidding season and babies now bounce happily around your paddock. It’s joyous to watch, but one day you see one of your does squinting. Or you lead another to the milk stand and notice that the area around her eye socket has swollen as if she had been butted right in the face. Perhaps you catch a buckling that you haven’t held in a while, only to see that one eye

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