Katherine’s Caprine Corner November/December 2020

Katherine’s Caprine Corner November/December 2020
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 4 minutes Q. Why do some breeders stop feeding alfalfa to pregnant does?  A. Being a trained herbalist and having raised dairy goats for over 20 years, and knowing many breeders that have had them 40 and 50 years, we continue to feed alfalfa through the entire pregnancy. In the dairy cow industry (which goats are not), cows can be set up for milk fever if farmers aren’t very careful in balance calcium and phosphorus ratios. But in goats, we don’t have to micromanage that. Also, goats are more likely to GET milk fever, or hypocalcemia, if they don’t get enough high calcium WHOLE herb foods while pregnant. Winter and pregnancy and the dry period are when they are building up their mineral savings account in their bones. If their bones don’t get enough minerals, including calcium, then your goat can go “bankrupt” when they
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