Kat’s Caprine Corner: Freezing Goats and Winter Coats

Winter Coats for Goats? Kat Answers Winter Goat Health Questions

Kat’s Caprine Corner: Freezing Goats and Winter Coats
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes It’s freezing! Goats get cold, too. But when do they need extra winter protection from predators and the elements? Q- Do I need to blanket my goats for winter? A- Usually not. A goat that is healthy and proper weight with good feed and good shelter should not need blanketing during the winter. There are some exceptions, of course. Goats that are underweight (watch your bucks!), that are ill and during times of exceptionally cold weather may need a “goat coat” to help protect them. Also, very young kids or very old animals may need additional support. Goats also need protection if they need to be transported during the winter. I tried transporting bucks to a buck collection about 15 years ago and had to turn back home because of freezing goats. Even with deep bedding and double blankets and a nice trailer,

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