Kat’s Corner: Dehorning Goats and Trail First Aid

And What Does a Hard Goat Udder Mean?

Kat’s Corner: Dehorning Goats and Trail First Aid
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 4 minutes Katherine Drovdahl answers reader questions about dehorning goats past the age of disbudding, what to do if your doe has a hard udder, and first-aid items to carry for your pack goats! Q: Can I dehorn a goat at six months old? A: OUCH. And that’s an “udder” statement! Ideally, we like to disbud standard-sized healthy kids at about four days old. If they are sick, smaller than about 5 ½ lbs, or you can’t yet feel a raised edge to the horn you can wait, but check them every one to two days! Even then we like those done before two weeks of age. Some breeds are slow to sprout and on smaller breeds, it’s good to get a bit more head size before disbudding. By using a disbudding iron, we catch the horn “in the bud” and cauterize around the bud

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