Kat’s Corner: Goat Bloat and Summer Heat

Watch for Goat Illnesses and Symptoms During Hot Weather

Kat’s Corner: Goat Bloat and Summer Heat
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 5 minutes By Katherine Drovdahl MH CA CEIT DipHIr QTP Will feeding the peels from my canning projects cause goat bloat? And how can I keep my goat healthy during hot weather? Katherine answers reader questions about caprine health in each issue of Goat Journal. Q: I’m canning and want to give the peels and cores to my goats. Can I? A. What to feed goats when it comes to kitchen waste is a bit of a science and an art. Anything that has deteriorated in quality should visit the compost pile instead of being fed to your goats because it could cause acidosis or goat bloat from fermentation in the GI tract. That includes cull fruit as well as peels and cores that deteriorated because they sat out too long. Also, I would avoid giving anything to my goats that may have had herbicides

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