Listen Up! The Lowdown on Goat Mites

Ear mites are common external parasites in goats that require strict control.

Listen Up! The Lowdown on Goat Mites
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 4 minutes by Jodi Helmer  When a goat rubs its ears, shakes its head or shows signs of crusting in the ears, ear mites could be to blame — and if one goat has ear mites, chances are good most, if not all, of the herd is infested with goat mites.   Ear mites in goats are common, fast-spreading parasites that can infest 80-90% of a herd, according to the Merck Veterinary Manual, and goats can have hundreds of mites in a single ear. Infestations are most common in colder months but climate change might be making the problem worse: Research shows that a warming planet is increasing the numbers of vector-borne pests, including mites, and contributing to their spread; warmer conditions might also make it easier to goats and other livestock to transmit disease.  Both burrowing and non-burrowing mites can infest goats. Scarcoptes scabei (scarcoptic mange mites) and other burrowing mites start in hairless (or almost hairless)

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