When Should You Use Lutalyse for Goats?

Discussing the Balance of Using Lute and Goat Labor Problems

When Should You Use Lutalyse for Goats?
Add to Favorites Reading Time: 6 minutes In 15 years — and hundreds of goats — we’ve used Lutalyse for goats twice.   One was an extreme winter and our first kidding with an older doe that was showing signs of ketosis and hypocalcemia. With the volume of kids she was carrying, she simply could not consume enough food energy to maintain warmth, the developing kids, and herself. We could perform a c-section and try to save the kids, but risk losing the doe, or induce labor/abortion to try to save the doe and risk delivering kids before they were viable. We pasture-breed, so we only have approximate windows for kidding. Doing nothing we would lose them all, so we opted for induction. We were instructed to let the doe go no more than 36 hours from induction, and to assist if labor began and the doe dilated. We pulled three

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